Tour circuit

The tour circuit at Flaschar’s Mine offers approx. 400 m of open tunnels, several stopes and a ladder section installed in the 20 m tall connecting shaft. Just past the portal, which is secured by oak gates, you will find a small altar with a small statue of Saint Barbara. This is where the miners entered the underground and requested protection from Saint Barbara. The mine tunnel will lead us through a small chamber where you will find yourself within the slate deposit, which lays at an angle of 45°. You can see the whitish sinter coatings running out of the flooded cracks in the mineral in this chamber and subsequently in other locations in the mine. This material is dissolved calcium carbonate from the calcite veins. Rust coloured deposits can also be seen in areas, and this colour is the result of the presence of limonite (iron oxide).

The lower level of the mine (Hortenzie Gallery) ends in an imposing stope. The most interesting element in this stope is the revealed face of the fold, which passes along its entire length. The walls and ceiling of the chamber copy the bend of the fold and offer the interesting opportunity to view how the slate deposit lies and folds. There is a mini-exhibition of Šifer mine sprites (Knockers), who secretly help our miners, for children to enjoy.

Visitors can enjoy an adrenalin-charged experience when climbing the ladder section consisting of 4 angled ladders fitted with protective cages. Each visitor must consider his physical fitness and decide whether to continue along the ladder section or return through Hortenzie Gallery.

The upper level offers visitors a view of the carefully built supporting walls and also a vaulted tunnel. Tunnels built in the shape of the Gothic and Romanesque arch can be seen here.

Flaschar’s Mine today

The two-level mine in the Nový Svět location by Odry is now called Flaschar’s Mine. The upper level of the mine, called the “Johann Gallery” on historic maps, is the older section and most of the stopes have now now collapsed.

The lower level of the mine, called the “Hortenzie Gallery” after the wife of Karel Flaschar, has been preserved in essentially its original condition. The mine levels are connected by an 18-meter ventilation shaft.

The tour circuit begins at Hortenzie Gallery and passes though the 200 m long tunnel to the stope. One of the greatest geological points of interest at Flaschar’s Mine - a partially extracted fold - can be found in this chamber. Slate mining activities revealed the face of the fold and the walls of the chamber copy its bend, which allows visitors to view the mineral not only in cross-section, but also in the direction of the fold, which passes through the entire chamber.