Instructions for visitors

There is a constant temperature of around 10 °C in the tunnel, it is damp and water runs down the walls and along the drainage channel We recommend visitors wear warmer sportswear, including warm socks and sports shoes. Visitors must count on the fact that their clothing may become dirty.

Before entering the tunnel, visitors will be loaned the following free of charge:

  • safety helmet with light - compulsory
  • coat
  • rubber boots

The large circuit, including the ladder section, is only suitable for physically fit individuals and children aged over 6 (accompanied by an adult).

Flaschar’s Mine today

The two-level mine in the Nový Svět location by Odry is now called Flaschar’s Mine. The upper level of the mine, called the “Johann Gallery” on historic maps, is the older section and most of the stopes have now now collapsed.

The lower level of the mine, called the “Hortenzie Gallery” after the wife of Karel Flaschar, has been preserved in essentially its original condition. The mine levels are connected by an 18-meter ventilation shaft.

The tour circuit begins at Hortenzie Gallery and passes though the 200 m long tunnel to the stope. One of the greatest geological points of interest at Flaschar’s Mine - a partially extracted fold - can be found in this chamber. Slate mining activities revealed the face of the fold and the walls of the chamber copy its bend, which allows visitors to view the mineral not only in cross-section, but also in the direction of the fold, which passes through the entire chamber.