How to reach us

Flaschar’s Mine is located on Veselí Hill not far from the town of Odry. You can reach Odry along the D1 motorway, turn off at exit 321, by train or by bus.

CURRENT INFORMATION!!! With regard to the extensive traffic restrictions in the town of Odry, we recommend you travel to Flaschar’s Mine from the direction of the village of Veselí! You can reach Veselí from the Odry – Bělotín Road, turn off towards Veselí past the village of Emauzy, travel through Veselí to Veselí Observation tower and continue along the road. You will see a turn-off onto a forest road in one of the bends, with a distinctive sign for Flaschar’s Mine. There is a car park here from where you can walk to the mine (15 minutes).

Recommended car park No.1 49.6618389N, 17.8279139E

The car park is located by the Dělnický dům Restaurant and the Katovna Visitor Centre. Set out from the car park along Veselí Pavement, which affords beautiful views of the town of Odry and the Odry Basin. Walk around the Dělnický dům building and you will find the first hiking sign on the corner (at the crossroads) – a white square with a mining symbol. These signs will lead you to the Jahnův kámen (Jahn Stone) observation point. You will join the sign-posted Educational Trail to Flaschar’s Mine at the observation point and we recommend you walk along the asphalt path in the direction of Veselí to reach Flaschar’s Mine. The trail is 2.3 km from the car park to Flaschar’s Mine. The beginning of trail from Odry is quite hard as it ascends 140 meters. We recommend you reserve 60 minutes for your journey, and this will also be enough to read the texts on the educational panels on the educational trail. The route also offers beautiful views of the town of Odry.

After visiting the mine, the second part of the educational trail will lead you back to the Jahn Stone observation point, then take Veselí Pavement back to the car park

Recommended car park No. 2 49.6510456N, 17.8213906E

A car park for 8 passenger cars has been established on forest land next to the local Odry – Veselí road, and this is where the Educational Trail to Flaschar’s Mine also starts. Walk along the level forest path, along which the educational trail also leads, to Flaschar’s Mine. The route is 670 m long and you need approximately 15 minutes to walk it.

Motorised vehicles are prohibited from driving onto the forest path from recommended car park No. 2 to Flaschar’s Mine.

Flaschar’s Mine today

The two-level mine in the Nový Svět location by Odry is now called Flaschar’s Mine. The upper level of the mine, called the “Johann Gallery” on historic maps, is the older section and most of the stopes have now now collapsed.

The lower level of the mine, called the “Hortenzie Gallery” after the wife of Karel Flaschar, has been preserved in essentially its original condition. The mine levels are connected by an 18-meter ventilation shaft.

The tour circuit begins at Hortenzie Gallery and passes though the 200 m long tunnel to the stope. One of the greatest geological points of interest at Flaschar’s Mine - a partially extracted fold - can be found in this chamber. Slate mining activities revealed the face of the fold and the walls of the chamber copy its bend, which allows visitors to view the mineral not only in cross-section, but also in the direction of the fold, which passes through the entire chamber.